Sunday, September 11, 2016

When the Lift door Opened

It was the tallest building of 28 floors.
I had to get down to ground floor.
I got into the lift
I pressed ground floor
The door closed

I was all alone in the lift
The lift stopped at 23rd floor
She got into the lift
The door closed

There she stood far away
I saw her again today and so did she look into my eyes
Her body had the perfect curves
Her strong aroma spread within the lift
Her fair legs shined with her half skirt
I just wanted that one moment with her
Only once and never again

Suddenly the lift felt a jerk
Lift had stopped, door still closed
We looked at each other again
We dint panic nor scream
The lift light went off
Exactly 10 seconds later, light started dim and dip
This continued and we still were looking at each other

The dim and dip of light continued
The lift felt the jerk second time and this time it was harder
She lost her balance and now was closer to me
She moved away slightly
Her strong aroma was pulling me towards her
I went closer to her
She dint push me away

I held her hand
She dint stop me
I pulled her towards me
She was now in my arms
She was smiling and her eyes closed

I touched her hair slowly and put it behind her ears
Her breath was all I could her
Her lips touching mine
Her eyes looked at me like shining stars when the lights continued dim dip
My hands now touched her hip
Her hands behind my neck
I kissed her neck 
I removed the thread knot of her dress
Now kissed her back

It was the moment
I had lost myself within her
She pulled out my tee shirt
My body on her
Her smooth skin touched my body
Her lips biting my chest
And we continued
Until we were one

On the floor we were lying on each other
Feeling each other’s breath
Closing our eyes
I feel the jerk again for third time
The dim dip light stops and its dark 
Swoosh! Lights on, I panic
The door opens

People behind me push me and move out of lift
Me perplexed and standing still
A guy standing next to me says, “Sir, excuse me,this is ground floor, we all need to get out”.
I see no sign of her
Wait a min,I look at myself
Am I fully dressed up but how
I smile at myself and get out of the lift
I just wanted that one moment with her
That one moment came to life in my thoughts.               

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Veil

Those eyes as beautiful as glittering star.
Those eyes were only what you could see
The veil hid everything else
The hair, the ears, nose, lips.

There hid something else behind the veil
I dumped all my feelings and emotions behind the veil
There was a secret that wasn’t supposed to be revealed
To this dark world

Each time I passed by you, my eyes did the talks.
Those eyes as dark as a sky with no moon light
Those eyes as sharp as bright sun
Those eyes which had no tears left

My eyes said to you, “I don’t belong to the world of love”
You continued to follow me with smile
I never removed the veil
I never let you see the real me

My thoughts were bombarding to seek revenge
Revenge of letting me alone in this world
I wanted the blood to flow again
This time it was blood of anger

Years ago,
My curly hair would always be open letting the breeze blow it
My lips would never miss to expand with smile
My ears would have the prettiest earrings which every girl would envy

But one day when I returned home
It was floor of blood
Blood of all my loved ones
No one alive, for no mistake they did
I was all alone with no one in this world
That day, I covered my face with the veil
And started running, I never looked back
I never looked at the world again without this veil.

This day, this moment the floor is filled with blood again
You are on the floor crying hard exactly like how I did years ago
Blood of your loved ones are flowing covering the whole floor
Your hands are shivering, so did mine years ago
But your family showed no mercy to me years ago.

Now that my heart is content with revenge,
And I am lying down on the floor with my flowing blood.
Your eyes meets my eyes again and this time there is no smile on your face
You look at my eyes surprised
I remove my veil and you see my face
I look at you and smile
And that is my last breath!

Friday, August 19, 2016


  It’s been quite a long time since I have written something on my blog page. They say there is a phase in everyone’s life where one gets lost in chaos. Probably I was going through the same for past few months. It took me months to find myself back again. After lots of travel and work, I finally took a long vacation just to be at home and do nothing.

              Now that I wanted to start the “writing” again, I asked my friend who is a writer to give me a topic on which I can start writing.

              She immediately said “Love”.

              This is a topic on which millions of people write.

              I said “Can I have a different topic please?” She said “No”.

              Yes, the young couples at malls, streets do make me notice them. I smile and wish Bless them within myself. I do have set of friends who are happily married to their Love, few eagerly waiting for their love, and few who are working out on the relationship to take it towards marriage. So the ultimate purpose ends up in marriage where both can live happily together forever and be there for each other through thick and thin.

  I am a soul who recently welcomed late 20’s on my last birthday and have limited year left to reach 30.Still Single, The topic love pisses me off these days because I miss being with my man who has still not turned up. The wait seems longer. But true that, no one can escape from bonding of Love. Even the most serious to most crazy character of humans, have to swim through this bonding. Afterall, love is the only source because of which the world exists.

 Now that he is not here yet, (I believe he might have taken a wrong route and is in a wrong direction who needs to get on right direction to reach me or probably is on his way) let me just assume that someday he will be right next to me making my wish come true. Sometimes I just wish if he had crossed my path by now, but then maybe he is late with a reason.

He has taught me to spend days without him around me 24*7.

He has taught to take a stand for myself in whatever I believe without any support.

He has taught me to love life the way it is and to love myself first the way I am.

He has taught to try my hands on everything that I want to try exploring –May it be writing, reading, drawing, travelling etc. etc.

He has taught me to explore the whole world alone being a strong woman.

He has taught me how to deal with wrong people and how to appreciate the right ones.

He has taught me everything a woman can do without a man by her side.

He has made me strong every day.

Today I have learnt to hide my tears and say “I am alright” with a big smile. I have learnt to be thankful for little that I have and to appreciate people in my life. I have learnt to put all broken pieces together and get up again. I have learnt to bring smile on peoples face and be there for them even when they least expect. I have learnt change is obvious. I have learnt emotions can bring you down if you let them to. I have learnt to believe in Destiny and I know that when it’s your time to meet me, nothing in this universe can stop it.

So my Love, wherever you are, I would want to let you know that I am waiting with my arms wide open to welcome you. I know it’s worth the wait but I am scared that this strong woman may also break down someday waiting for you to turn up. Make it faster before I give up my hopes. I can’t wait to hug you and let me in your arms. I want to get cuddled by you until my heart goes calm. I want to blow a kiss on your forehead and brush your hair slowly every morning when I wake up by your side. Single cup of coffee every morning doesn’t make me feel fresh these days. I need you to share a cup of coffee with me. Come soon, so that lets start celebrating Life together. J

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"HE" is my "HERO"


                               I have to write today! I have to write today because I am away from home and I miss being with the best person. A person who taught me what is Life, what is the world and showed me way towards light. I miss him often. I miss him more every day. All I get to do now is to visit him taking few days off OR multiple phone calls every day despite my busy schedules.

                                When I was five years old and had joined the school. He peddled cycle every day morning and afternoon for kilometers together just to drop and pick me up from school. I still remember the tiny green seat in front that was fixed only for me.It wasn’t an easy task, He felt tired and did stop at times at the side of road and then continued to peddle again. There wasn’t a single day when he complained about it. In fact he smiled each time he saw my face. He worked hard at office to give me the best of education and best of everything in Life.

                                “You are my world”- He always said and still continues to say even today! His job posted him to a different location. I was studying in primary school when he chose to move to different location all alone. Of course not by choice but because his job forced him too. Inspite of his health issues where he actually wanted mom to be around to help him, he dint take anyone of us with him. The only reason was he was posted to a location of tiny village where there was no education system available in those days. He dint want me to lose two years of my school education.

                                  I made him proud with my mark sheet each time he visited home. I was the school topper everytime.I would wait for the day he would come. I would keep all my prizes and certificates that I had won on the table. He would pat on my back and praise my hard work. He would also get me some gift each time he travelled home. 

                                  I remember that day when I had asked him for a teddy. I had seen few of my friends owning big teddies and out of nowhere I too wanted to own one. Honestly, I don’t know why I wanted a teddy because I was never fond of it anytime. May be I just wanted to have one like everyone else. I thought my dad would immediately buy me one but he dint. He said “Teddy haan? The doll that is made up of clothes and cotton. What will my daughter do with it? It cannot talk and walk. You can simply carry it. What do you get from owning a teddy?”  I kept quiet. He continued “I would want my daughter to ask me some useful gifts. Like you ask me books that you want to read and get knowledge from. Any book of your choice. I will buy millions of it for you.”  I looked at him with disappointed face. He later said “Ok, looks like you really want a teddy but you will get a small teddy first, after few months if you still wish to own a big teddy then let me know”. He further continued “And to get the small teddy you need to work hard and score a rank this final exam”. That was an easy task for me then. I worked hard and stood first in my class. My dad kept his promise with small teddy as my gift. Within few weeks I had lost all the interest in that boring teddy and dint want a big teddy anymore. Infact I just kept the small teddy only for the reason that it was a gift from my dad. This continued in every phase of my life. I would be made aware of what is worth owning and then gifted with what I want at the right time. This taught me value of everything I own in life and also taught me to get things by working hard. The joy that you feel is immense. I was gifted with cycle and scooty when it was necessary at right time. Never got it immediately when I asked for it the first time.

                                  I grew up. Young hot blood was flowing in my body .Things had gradually changed. I wasn’t the same rank holder student anymore in my studies. There were times I let him down. There were times I made him feel low. There were times I made him angry. There were times I felt helpless .There were times I was ashamed of myself but he still stood beside me proudly. There was a time I broke into bits and pieces. He used all his strength, gathered those broken pieces together and made it one again. My respect towards him increased and love towards him doubled.

                                  Today I am in a state where I need to make time to make a phone call just to talk to him. I cannot talk to him for hours together sitting next to him as I stay away from home while he is always next to me whenever I need him. He is still working on giving me best in my life and I am not able to be his strength. He is always there when I want him but I am never available. Yea, I am definitely working on being there for him.

                                  His patience, his courage, his determination and will power is what I always wish to develop in me. He is my strength from the day I was born and even today and for future. Yes! He is my first HERO, my DAD! – Today whenever he sees me, he still gives me hopes on how to deal with Life, to stay determined, to be positive and that keeps me pushing ahead. I LOVE YOU MORE DAD!